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The Stallion Depot Białka lays within 300 hectares of pastures, meadows and forests, in the northern part of a beautiful region of Poland called Roztocze, on the way from Lublin to Zamość. Please watch our short invitation clip.

The stables, as well as the management building, the forges, the workshops with the water-tower and four blocks of flats, have been built in the period 1928-30. Instead of bricks the local limestone was used as a construction material. The first horses entered the stables on July 1st, 1930. Since then Białka functions both as a stallion depot and a stud of Małopolski Horse. In 1981, by the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture Białka has been established as the fourth Arabian State Stud in Poland (beside Janów Podlaski, Michalów, and Kurozweki).

In 1951, the Training Station for the Małopolski stallions was organized here. Białka riders and Białka trained and owned horses are widely known for their great achievements in many sport disciplines, among them eventing, show jumping, driving and endurance.

Currently, the stud has around 100 stallions (Małopolski Horse and English Thoroughbred) and over 120 Arabians. Besides the statutory breeding, the stud actively promotes sport and horse-riding. Since 1989 Białka is the organizer of the Arabian Junior Spring Show and the Małopolski Horse Junior Spring Show. Both these events attract breeders from all over the country.

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Małopolska Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o.o.
Oddział w Zamościu
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